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Alivia: technology at the service of Peruvian's health

The health emergency further complicated access to health care for all Peruvians. The response to this situation was Alivia, which with the use of technology, helps people receive health services from their homes.

The COVID-19 pandemic came to change everything, even going out into the streets represents a danger. The need of Peruvians to receive health care services from a distance increased exponentially so that the use of new technologies was no longer optional. In response to this, the government has made legislation more flexible to provide all treatment and prescription facilities virtually.

Alivia was born in this context, as a low-cost digital platform that offers medical consultations by video call and whose purpose is to build a service that brings access to health care to Peruvians.

In addition, they work collaboratively with Clinica Aviva and Inkafarma, also members of the Intercorp Group, to be able to provide users with a complete product that includes diagnosis, recovery, and delivery of treatment to their homes.

Although the worst seems to be over, Alivia continues to work every day to reach more people by providing quality medical care at an affordable price, making use of technology for the benefit of all Peruvian families.

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Intercorp's InDigital launches Agora, the prepaid card in times of quarantine

Intercorp offers an alternative for people to avoid contact with cash and to approach digitalization without having a bank account.

The market for means of payment has become more dynamic in recent years, even more so during the health emergency, where a considerable number of users avoid making cash payments in order to reduce physical contact. This applies to both banked and unbanked clients, of which the latter represent 66% of the market.

InDigital's response to this situation was Agora, which offers a virtual prepaid card and also a physical contactless card, that is, it does not require contact with the POS to make payments. With them it is possible to make payments through a cell phone, make transfers to other people who have Agora and make payments for services. In addition, it should be noted that the physical card no longer has the security code, this can only be seen in your APP.

This new service reaffirms the commitment of the Intercorp Group to provide more facilities to Peruvian families, who are constantly investing in technology and innovation.

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Innova Schools reinvents itself by creating the 2020 Virtual Olympics together with families

The pandemic did not allow Innova Schools to hold its Olympics as in previous years. However, the alternative they carried out shows us that they continue to impact education in Peru.

The annual Innova Schools Olympics is an event that moves the entire educational community and is highly expected by students. Teachers propose sports, recreational and artistic activities to reach each one of our students with different abilities, promoting inclusion, respect for diversity, and the practice of the values that we promote at Innova.

With the advent of social isolation, it seemed that the 2020 Olympics would not happen, but ideas emerged from the teachers that motivated them to reinvent themselves, adapt to the situation and finally carry out the event.

The challenge was great, but with the help of the entire Innova Schools team, the students and their families, the 2020 Virtual Olympics were held. "During these weeks it was demonstrated that the energy and enthusiasm of the students allowed them to achieve what they had dreamed of, flowing in each discipline with commitment, passion and dedication to their team", said Lesly Bautista, a teacher at Innova Schools.

The event was a success in spite of the difficult conditions, and this shows us the team's capacity to adapt and innovate in the face of difficult situations and their commitment to the education of Peruvians.

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