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The challenges of modern retail

Mariela Prado, VP of sustainability and human management at Intercorp Retail, spoke with Juan Carlos Vallejo, general manager at Intercorp Retail, about the challenges facing retail companies in the future.

Juan Carlos highlighted the adaptability of the teams and companies of the retail platform and recognized the work of the Supply Chain area, where great efforts were made to ensure product availability. He also spoke about ecommerce, which had a growth of more than 10 times in sales volume, compared to 2019.

For Juan Carlos, after the pandemic there will be 2 main changes. First, the consumer is going to be impoverished as a result of the pandemic, and this has a negative impact on business. The second change is digitalization, which is a trend that is not going to change. E-commerce will be more relevant, but unfortunately, until now, this channel has been very difficult to make profitable: "to compete in a price market, we must remain fit, very adjusted and aware that operations must be efficient and we must be very precise in how we spend our resources". In addition, he reflected on how retail has managed to emerge stronger from the current context: "The key is to clearly identify the opportunity, redefine the strategy and focus on the execution of the strategy".

Finally, he referred to the importance of having the right leadership: "if you do not have teams motivated by the purpose of the organization and their talent, nothing is possible".

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